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A BSC member can be any student, from any year, belonging to a faculty from Bucharest whose major field of studies is related to the Earth Sciences (Geology, Geophysics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geotechnics, Geodesy, Ecology etc.).

Since BSC is not an organization with a legal statute in Romania (NGO or something similar), being a member doesn’t suppose a signed contract or one’s name recorded in an official registry. We’ve chosen though to request a minimal “bureaucratic” demand: the completion of an applying form. The purpose of this form is purely informative, through it’s agency being possible to realize a database with information about members, information that we need for the organizing process of different activities (ex.: field applications, symposiums registration etc. )

Click this link for downloading the application form

The application form can be delivered to any of the contact persons, during any meeting or presentation session, at the BSC permanent office or throughout e-mail (the scanned and signed document) at the e-mail address: bsc_aapg@yahoo.com

The completion of the application form doesn’t bring though also the member statute. This statute is won in time, after involving in the BSC activities and after being present at the presentation sessions. Only the active members will benefit of the advantages offered by the organization.

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