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The BSC Leadership team is composed of: the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council

How to contact committee members?

Executive Committee

For the 2012 – 2013 year of activity, the EC will have the following configuration:

  • President - Georgian Manuc
    • Vice-President - Mihai Munteanu
      • Secretary - Roxana Stanca
        • Treasurer - Bogdan Buioc


Advisory Council

  • Ex-President - Andrei Strachinaru

  • Sponsor AAPG and Faculty Advisor - Lect. Dr. Relu Roban


  • AAPG Sponsor - Prof. Dr. Nicolae Anastasiu

Imagine:Nicolae Anastasiu.jpg

  • AAPG Sponsor - Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Dragastan

Imagine:Ovidiu Dragastan.jpg

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