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Paleomagnetism - Conf.Dr. Cristina E. Panaiotu

master - sectia Petrologie-Metalogenie

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C.E. Panaiotu, 1997. Paleomagnetism, note de curs Download
Astronomical forcing in Upper Miocene continental sequences: implications for the Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale PDF
Revision of the timing, magnitude and distribution of Neogene rotations in the western Aegean region PDF
Palaeomagnetic constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the Gibraltar Arc PDF
Palaeomagnetism of flood basalts in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: Late Archaean continental drift and the oldest known reversal of the geomagnetic field PDF
Dating of coal fires in Xinjiang, north-west China PDF
The `Tortonian salinity crisis' of the eastern Betics (Spain) PDF
Post-early Messinian counterclockwise rotations on Crete: implications for Late Miocene to Recent kinematics of the southern Hellenic arc PDF
Evidence of widespread Cretaceous remagnetisation in the Iberian Range and its relation with the rotation of Iberia PDF
The tectonic and geomagnetic significance of paleomagnetic observations from volcanic rocks from central Afar, Africa PDF
Paleomagnetic results from Saudi Arabia and the Permo–Triassic Pangea configuration PDF
Late Silurian paleomagnetic pole from the Holy Cross Mountains: constraints for the post-Caledonian tectonic activity of the Trans-European Suture Zone PDF
Neogene evolution of the Aegean arc: paleomagnetic and geodetic evidence for a rapid and young rotation phase PDF
Permian-Triassic boundary magnetostratigraphy from the Southern Alps (Italy) PDF
Magnetic polarity stratigraphy and paleolatitude of the Triassic-Jurassic Blomidon Formation in the Fundy basin (Canada): implications for early Mesozoic tropical climate gradients PDF
Secondary remanent magnetization carried by magnetite inclusions in silicates : a comparative study of unremagnetized and remagnetized granites PDF
Paleomagnetic constraints on the Plio-Pleistocene geodynamic evolution of the external   central-northern Apennines (Italy) PDF
Did the European dinosaurs disappear before the K–T event? Magnetostratigraphic evidence PDF
Vasiliev I., Krijgsman W., Stoica M., Langereis C.G., 2005. Mio-Pliocene magnetostratigraphy in the southern Carpathian foredeep and MediterraneanParatethys correlations. Terra Nova, 17, 376384 PDF
Vasiliev I., Krijgsman W., Langereis C.G., Panaiotu C.E., Matenco L., Bertotti G., 2004, Towards an astrochronological framework for the eastern Paratethys Mio-Pliocene sedimentary sequences of the Focsani basin (Romania), Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Elsevier, 2004, 227: 231-247 PDF
Rosu E., Seghedi I., Downes H., Alderton D.H.M, Szakacs A., Pecskay Z., Panaiotu C., Panaiotu C.E., Nedelcu L., 2004, Extension-related Miocene calc-alkaline magmatism in the Apuseni Mountains, Romania: origin of magmas, Swiss Bulletin of Mineralogy and Petrology, 2004, 84 PDF
Rosu E., Pecskay Z., Stefan A., Popescu G., Panaiotu C., Panaiotu C.E., 1997, The evolution of the Neogene volcanism in the Apuseni Mountains (Romania): constrains from new K-Ar data, Geologica Carpathica, Bratislava 1997, 48: 353-359 PDF
Panaiotu C.G., Pecskay Z., Hambach U., Seghedi I., Panaiotu C.E., Tetsumaru I., Orleanu M., Szakacs A., 2004, Short-lived Quaternary volcanism in the Perşani Mountains (Romania) revealed by combined K-Ar and paleomagnetic data, Geologica Carpathica, 2004, 55: 333-339 PDF
Panaiotu C.G., 1998, Paleomagnetic constrains on the geodynamic history of Romania, In: D. Ioane (editor): Monograph of Southern Carpathians, Reports on Geodesy, 1998, No 7: 205-217 PDF
Patrascu S., Panaiotu C. Panaiotu C.E., 1994, Timing of the rotational motion of Apuseni Mountains (Romania): paleomagnetic data from Tertiary magmatic rocks, Tectonophysics, 1994, 233: 163-176 PDF


Referatul va avea maxim 2 pagini si vor fi tratate urmatoarele aspecte:
  1. Problema geologica de rezolvat
  2. Rolul paleomagnetismului în rezolvarea problemei
  3. Tipul de roca studiata si tipul de magnetizare asociata
  4. Tipurile de minerale magnetice identificate
  5. Interpretarea directiilor si a polilor paleomagnetici
  6. Concluzii

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